Mission and Philosophy

Welcome to Play Laugh Learn child care centre. All our dedicated and caring staff strive to be certain that your child has the very best early childhood experience possible. We look forward to enhancing your child's growth and development, and thank you for entrusting us with that privilege and responsibility. It is our hope that our center’s handbook will help you to better understand our programs, polices, philosophy, goals and objectives. Please take the time to read all the following information and then sign and return the FAMILY AGREEMENT form before your child begins with us.

Play Laugh Learn (PLL) Child Care is dedicated to providing outstanding childcare services. We aim to provide a bright and fun place for children to learn and grow where the environment is clean, comfortable and secure. Our staff offer warm consistent care to teach and nurture children in a loving, respecting manner.

Our Goals and how we meet them

Play Laugh Learn Child Care Centre promotes the health, safety, nutrition and well-being of all children in its care and provides only nutritious snacks, meals and beverages to the children in our care.

All Play Laugh Learn Staff will support positive and responsive interactions among the children, parents and child care providers.